Shuji Ogawa
CEO & CTO, PD AeroSpace

Mr. Shuji Ogawa was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1970 and graduated with M.S. degree of Aerospace Engineering from Tohoku University. He assisted for his father’s experiments in a garage since childhood and he had aspired to become a professional pilot and astronaut. He participated in a new fighter plane development project at MHI and also in automotive engine parts development at TOYOTA group. Inspired by a new wave of civilian space business in the United States, Mr. Ogawa founded PD AeroSpace, LTD., as a spaceplane development startup in May 2007. He began development of a fully reusable suborbital spaceplane equipped with an own patented engine using original technology. Aim to provide totally space transportation services such as space tourism, air launch services for small satellites into orbits and so on. He participated at the Governmental Space Transportation System working committee for two terms in 2013. He successfully demonstrated the technological feasibility of a jet-rocket combustion mode switching engine in 2017. Currently, PD AeroSpace, LTD., has capital tie-up with ANA holdings, H.I.S group, and other corporations, working together to fulfill the dream of commercial human space tourism in the near future.