Rabindra (Rob) Singh

Rabindra Singh • CTO • SpaceLink

Rabindra (Rob) Singh is Chief Technology Officer of SpaceLink, responsible for establishing SpaceLink communications relay solution and providing executive leadership in implementing the Company’s overarching technology strategy and vision. Rob has established a SpaceLink multi-disciplined, solutions-oriented team with technical expertise in the development and implementation of Optical and RF space communications systems, full end to end deployment of space, ground, network and client segments.

Prior to joining SpaceLink he was Vice President of Strategy Initiatives and Chief Architect at Maxar Technologies for 5 years innovating next generation space GEO/MEO/LEO communications systems, and their integration into emerging 5G system solutions. Developing the business strategy and technology innovation roadmaps to bring together strategic partners in pursuit of disruptive solutions. At Space Systems/Loral (SSL) for 15 years as Executive Director of Communications Systems led communications payload and mission operations mission architecture, communication payload design, build, test, and orbit delivery of all of SSL satellite programs. Leading a team of 140 engineers, building the communications payloads on over 60 of the current 90+ satellites in GEO operation today. Rob holds an honors bachelor’s degree in Systems Design Engineering and a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) research grant and thesis in Optically Controlled RF Devices. He also holds a Stanford LEAD: Corporate Innovation Certificate from Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Education.