Lauren Tran Dien

Laurent Tran Dien • Regional Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, Aerospace & Satellite Solutions • Amazon Web Services

Laurent is Regional Sales Manager in Asia Pacific for Amazon Web Services Aerospace and Satellite Solutions. He is leading the sales effort in region by bringing space domain expertise and help transform how companies used to work in satellite industry, translating solutions into tangible costs savings, innovation and security benefits for customers. He is an advocate for the scale, breadth, depth of capabilities of AWS cloud services like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and advanced analytics that can be brought to bear on the satellite industry’s challenges; services that remove traditional barriers – such as cost, complexity, and monolithic and brittle built-for-purpose systems – that have held back the space industry and will redefine what is possible. Laurent has over 10 years of satellite operations, engineering and sales experience focusing on building customers’ solutions for relevant business and service requirements. Prior to AWS, his corporate career included teleport operations for European based satellite operator and director of Commercial Operations for a Hong Kong based satellite company. He also helped building a Center of Excellence for Engineering and Sales Solutions in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for a satellite service provider that currently serves thousands of customers globally by providing satellite communications solutions in extreme environment and critical situations. .