K. Narayanan

Former Director of Satellite Communication and Navigation Programme (SCNP)

K. Narayanan is a space scientist specialised in satellite communications technology and applications. He was the Director for Satellite Communications Programmes of Indian Space Research Organisation. He had been closely associated with the planning and implementation of INSAT Programme as INSAT Programme Director. He was instrumental in formulating the SATCOM Policy Framework of 1997 and the Norms and Procedures -2000..

After leaving ISRO, he served as the executive vice-president of a private company in charge of establishing the satellite infrastructure, network, services and related regulatory matters.

He had served as an expert consultant to International Telecommunications Union and United Nations Outer Space Office and had lectured at the International Space University, Strasbourg, France. Narayanan represented India in many International Telecommunications Union fora. He has several technical publications to his credit.