Bambang Noegroho

Directore of Infrastructure


Bambang Noegroho has had a long experience in the management of the telecommunications business in the country. Born on September 24, 1969, he graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Trisakti University in 1994 and had his first career in banking, namely Bank Danamon until 1996.

It was only in 1996 that Nugie, as he is called, joined the telecommunications world as an employee at PT Ericsson Indonesia by holding a project at PT Excelcomindo (XL) as Project Manager and Head of Project Officer (PMO). He enjoyed his career at PT Ericsson Indonesia until 2004, when he generally held the GSM 900/1800 project.

Several months after in 2004, Nugie moved to PT Motorola Indonesia, being appointed as the Project Manager for PT Telkomsel’s Tinem 1 project. However, in early 2005, fate brought him back to PT Ericsson Indonesia and returned to his old position as Head of Project Officer (PMO), with a much larger number of staff and responsibilities. In this second period at Ericsson, Nugie has worked in various positions such as Establishment Manager, Head of Managed Services Delivery, and Head of Field Services Operations (FSO) for six years until 2011.

After that, Nugie took a job in another company, namely PT Protelindo, as Operations Director. This position was held for four years until 2015, then he decided to move to PT Inti Bangun Sejahtera as Head of PMO.

However, the love for PT Ericsson Indonesia never seems to fade. It’s proved by Nugie’s return to the company in 2016 with the same position, as Head of Field Services Operations (FSO), with a larger number of staff and responsibilities.

Challenges such as wanting to continue to be sought and conquered, are proven by a career break in a new company in 2017 at PT Centratama Telekomunikasi Indonesia. In this company, Nugie was entrusted as the Vice President of Operations.

BAKTI is the port of her latest heart. Serving as Director of Infrastructure, the man who plays tennis, football, basketball, golf, badminton and swimming, is responsible for deploying fiber optic cable networks, microwave links, base transceiver stations (BTS), and satellites in rural areas of Indonesia.