Alex J. Sinaga

CEO, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Alex J. Sinaga is the CEO of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) since December 2014, the biggest Telco Company in Indonesia, providing Telecommunication, Information, Media and Edutainment Services. Alex put his value “Always the Best: Integrity, Enthusiasm and Totality” to lead the Telkom’s vision “To be the King of Digital in the Region”. Telkom has launched Telkom 3S satellite on February 2017 in French-Guyana and Merah Putih satellite on August 7th 2018 in Florida as part of Telkom’s strategy to expands it’s capacity to be the regional player. This August he was awarded as the Telecom CEO of the Year (Asia-Pacific) by Frost and Sullivan Asia-Pacific ICT awards 2018.

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