2018 APSCC Awards

Since 2004, APSCC has recognized companies and individuals in the satellite and space industry who has made significant contributions to the industry.

The APSCC Awards recipients are acknowledged for their innovations and achievements in the industry, as well as their leadership in developing and expediting the distribution of new services via satellite in the Asia-Pacific region. APSCC also has recognized individuals who assisted in the formulation of policies, regulations and technical standards in the industry through the awards.

2018 APSCC
Young Talent

APSCC decided that to ensure a healthy future for our industry and to attract and retain young talent to the satellite and space industry in Asia-Pacific we should create a way to recognize and incentivize these young leaders. In this regards APSCC created the Young Talent Awards to give the best of young staff encouragement and public recognition of their contributions to Asia-Pacific satellite and space companies. The APSCC Young Talent Awards aims to recognize outstanding individuals who are early in their career (typically aged 35 and under), working in the satellite and space industries in the Asia Pacific region.

The satellite and broader space industry are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, bridging the digital divide and promoting the expansion of communications throughout the region, the world and beyond – and to do this the industry needs to recruit and retain young talent and energy.

Let’s work this together to support the future of our industry!